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Upcoming Due Dates

  January 31 - 1099s and W2s for vendors and employees

February 15 - 2nd Extension for 6/30 990 filers due

  February 28 - 1099s and W2s to federal and state agencies 

February 28 - Tax Credit Report due to AZDOR

May 15 - FY14 Budget Revision

  May 15 - Final Extension for 6/30 990 filers due or first extension for 12/31 990 filers due

  July 5 -  Proposed budget due 

 July 15 - Adopted budget due 

Useful Websites

Arizona Department of Education

Arizona State Board for Charter Schools

Arizona Charter School Association

Arizona Department of Revenue

Arizona Revised Statutes

Arizona Corporation Commission

Internal Revenue Service

Guide Star

Charter Alliance Support Services  800-571-8250

Resources courtesy of:

PO Box 12084
Glendale, Arizona 85318
Fax 1-877-881-2293